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Very happy to share that my Poem "Path To The Sea" has been included in the Writers of the Mendocino Coast 2019 Anthology.

-Linda Cloonan

I was born at the waters edge 
nursed by the sun and cradled by the sand. 
Day blended gracefully into night
and rose gently back again to dawn. 

Time was marked by the rhythm of the tide the changing of the seasons the
quadrants of the moon. 

Life took me far away from that shore
leading me deep into a forest of asphalt 
a jungle of cement, traffic lights and noise.

But one can never truly forget
the voice of home that whispers
to the quiet spaces of the heart.

It calls to the soul until it is heard
perhaps quietly at first but as time passes
the urgency and volume increases

as it did with me, until I surrendered
and returned back to my southern coast’s
Northern sister

where white caps break off the shoreline
of rugged majestic cliffs and afternoon fog rolls in to blanket you in a cozy embrace as if to extend, with open arms, a
warm welcome back to those
who have made their way home.

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