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2021 The Art of the Pour- Class Description

Cloonan-Il Tavelo Della Cucina-MAC.jpg

Instructor Name:  Linda Cloonan


Workshop Title: The Art of The Pour


Date:  00/00/0000

Last day to register & order kit: 00/00/0000


Price: $


Format: Online


Description: In this 3-day class, we will explore the use of a limited palette as a way to create clear, clean colors in our paintings through the technique of pouring. Pouring can be used exclusively or in combination with glazing. We will explore examples of each. With a focus on creating realism through the successful use of value and composition, students will create exciting vibrant paintings and walk away with a better understanding of the magic that presents when good planning meets spontaneity.  


STUDENT MATERIAL FEE (if applicable)  $40 (includes shipping) Kits must be ordered no later than 2 weeks prior to class.  If you have taken his class previously and purchased the kit, there is no need to repurchase. For new students, kit is required. (Pouring kits: Includes: Pouring cups (6), spray bottles (4, 1 for water and 3 for the RBY), Handouts, pipettes.  

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