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Artist Bio

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Artists Statement:

I am intrigued with the exploration of light and shadow and its multi-sensory impact on our experience of the world around us. My realistic paintings of sunlit interiors depict basic elements of our homes such as chairs, beds and tables. The portrayal of light interacting with these familiar objects create a comforting and transportive experience.  Light passing through the portals of windows, doors and passageways is both a literal and figurative metaphor. The depictions of exterior subject matter continue in this conversation with light and a desire to create a contemplative sense of place for the viewer.

Artist Bio: 
Linda Cloonan is a native California Artist, Author & Instructor. Her paintings have attracted national awards, are collected Internationally, and have been featured in Fine Art Connoisseur Magazine. Her work is held in the permanent collection of Levi Strauss & Co. as well as the Hotel Bristol in Sorrento, Italy. Her photographs have been published in Italia Magazine, The front page of the Mendocino Beacon and were prominently featured in the Walnut Creek 100-year Centennial event. Her writing has been published in Mendocino Arts Magazine, Writers of the Mendocino Coast’s 2019 Anthology.  


Linda's first book of paintings and photos, "My Summer Of La Dolce Vita", was published in 2012 and depicts her journey through Italy. Linda is a contributing author in the inaugural edition of the book series “Sisters Rising”, published in 2020, and was also commissioned to paint the original artwork for the cover of the book series.


In 2016 Linda left her longstanding career in apparel design, pattern making, and product development to focus her attention on art and writing, as well as to be of service to others through arts education. Linda is a Golden Artist Educator, and serves as Adjunct Faculty at Mendocino College. She is a Signature Member of The California Watercolor Association, as well as an Associate Member with Distinction of the American Women Artists. Her  current visual work explores the story-line of meditative and reflective places depicted with mood provoking use of light and shadow. 

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