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Permission to Pause...

FIRST CUP -Linda Cloonan

The fog rolls in over the sea and blankets this sleepy little village. I shuffle in slippers from bed to coffee pot, pouring myself a cup.

I nestle into the couch, perching myself into my favorite well-worn spot. Averting the winter chill, I pull the soft Sherpa throw over my legs.

I hold my steaming first cup with both hands as if it were a chalice, raising it to my lips while gazing out the window and offering my emerging thoughts as a prayer to the new day.

First Cup

As we move into spring, I am grateful for the quiet stillness of the winter season just passed. I have come to appreciate going slightly underground when the days are short and the opportunity to drift into dreamscapes long.

Many of us creatives wrestle with the expectation of being prolific and productive all of the time. Thinking about the creative process like we do the four seasons can be a useful tool. There is equal value in allowing the soil to rest in winter as there is in the action of springtime planting, as well as active summer growth and ultimately the harvest of fall.

I hope you have rested well. Wishing you many creative beginnings this spring.

Upcoming watercolor workshop: April 5-7, 2019- Mendocino Art Center

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