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          Aquamedia - Watercolor Artist                                                                                                                        

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Linda Cloonan

Linda Cloonan is intrigued with the explorations of light and shadow and its multi-sensory impact on our experience of the world around us. Her realistic paintings of sunlit interiors depict basic elements of our homes such as chairs, beds, and tables. Her portrayal of light interacting with these familiar objects creates a comforting and transportive experience.  Light passing through the portals of windows,  doors, and passageways is both a literal and figurative metaphor. Her depictions of exterior subject matter continue in this conversation with light and a desire to create a contemplative sense of place for the viewer.



“Believe in the future you cannot yet see,”

said the butterfly to the caterpillar.

“Never forget that deep within you

lies the promise of flight.”


~Linda Cloonan

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