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Residency-March 2018

Fine Art Connoisseur Magazine reached out to me  and asked that I submit a few images for an upcoming issue on “interiors”. I thought the email was spam and almost deleted it! (OMG). I went ahead and submitted my images and was told that IF….the editor chose one of my images, THEN  I would be contacted. In other words, ” Don’t call us we’ll call you & don’t get your hopes up”. So I didnt. I went back to work. About a week later I got a call telling me that yes in fact, one of my images HAD been chosen and it would be featured in the March/April 2018 Issue of Fine Art Connoisseur Magazine. I nearly flipped.

After I finished my paintings for the term exhibit, I began preparation for the two classes I will be teaching in April; “3-Color Pours in Watercolor”, & “Textural Abstracts in Watercolor”.  I am also doing some private lessons.

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