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WELCOME!  This photograph which was taken one day shortly after my arrival to Mendocino. I had spent the entire day in the studio with not much of anything happening. I was feeling pretty rusty, just trying to get started and back into my painting groove. Trying not to be too judgmental of my lack of progress that day, I had a few thoughts run through my head as I prepared to close up shop; “No judgement.  It’s important to just continue to show up, meet the page or the canvas every day. Continue to do the work regardliess of the outcome. Some days there will be a break through, others not so much, and the magic tends to show up when you least expect it.”  With that, I locked the door and glanced towards the sunset over the ocean. It had been raining hard all day, but it had momentarily stopped. On a whim I jumped in my car and drove down to the water to take  look and stretch my legs. I got out of the car, snapped a few photos of the sun setting over stormy sea, some puddles and a few reflections. It began to sprinkle again and I figured that was it. Nothing too spectacular but I had been willing to go and see. I shrugged and pulled out my keys from my pocket and turned around to head back to the car.

THIS…is what I saw. (Gasp!).

My first double rainbow. I stood there a bit breathless and I had to grin. Magic at the end of an ordinary day? Well, yes it would seem. LOL.  I took it as a sign of an auspicious welcome to this beautiful little town. (A week later, the Mendocino Beacon published it on their front page.)

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