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Our Lady Of The Back Fence

“OUR LADY OF THE BACK FENCE”- The trash and recycle bins are located out behind the art center apartments. The artists in residence used these to dump their daily trash. One day I went out and noticed a discarded partial bust of a woman. Something someone had made in one of the studios, but that hadn’t been deemed worthy enough to keep. One clever soul had secured it the back fence. She stayed that way for quite some time watching over the trash and all the comings and goings of the back fence. One day I noticed someone had dumped a huge wad of yarn on her head as hair. Now we were having fun. It made me chuckle every time I saw it. Not too long after her new hair-do, someone spontaneously stuck a cigarette in her mouth.

That's when I snapped this photo.

Good thing because the next time I came out she was gone. The wind had blown her out to sea. That or she ran off with the garbage man as the below write assumes.

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